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NodeGraph is a leading data intelligence platform with the only fully-automated metadata management tool. Functionalities inlcude end-to-end data lineage, data cataloging, unit and regression testing, impact analysis, and data migration. Watch the video to understand more how it works.

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A Tableau technology partner

Explore what NodeGraph and Tableau can do together.

NodeGraph is an official Tableau partner, and together with leading technology companies in the data industry, part of the Tableau Technology Partner Program. This ensures that the solution work seamless with Tableau. Using NodeGraph together with Tableau means that you will gain full access to your data story and experience immediate control with comprehensive data transparency. 

NodeGraph track an organisation’s complete data story, on a field level. It reveals where the data comes from, where it goes and how different touch points are connected. NodeGraph works by taking information from all data sources; ERP-systems, data transformations and BI tools, such as Tableau, and displays it in a user-friendly platform that can be utilised efficiently throughout the whole organisation.

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Confidently trust your data

NodeGraph provides you with easy access and transparency of your company’s data and its sources. Knowing the what, where, how and why gives you confidence that everyone is using the right data to make actual, rather than assumed, decisions.

Only ever use good qulity data again

Organizations want to be sure of the validity of their data. NodeGraph makes this possible by tracking and tracing the origins, movements, and touchpoints of data to provide insight into its quality and uncover its value.

Be in total control of your data. 

Being in control of your data means you can act confidently rather than reactively and it gives you the capability to scale. NodeGraph allows you to experience immediate control with comprehensive data transparency at your fingertips.

Achieve company-wide collaboration.

Better data understanding through collaboration can help a business to innovate and grow. NodeGraph’s intuitive platform makes data sharing across an organization much simpler which helps ensure the right people understand the right data to deliver accurate results.

The benefits with full automation.

Don’t waste time, resource, and money when the only fully automated metadata extraction platform on the market can do the work for you! Enable easy sharing of data throughout the organization, automate documents and testing and reduce errors.

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All our partners are very important to us. It is through our partnerships with leading data analytics consulting firms that we reach customers and prospects from all over the world. We are always looking for new matches that we can develop into long-term relationships and learn from each other to achieve mutual success.

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By using NodeGraph’s dependency explorer you can visualize your BI-solution which gives you the possibility to analyse the data all the way from the data source to end user application. You can also easily verify your governance framework and development guidelines, that help you stay in control of your BI-solution and discover what is hidden in your metadata.

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What do our customers say?

Are you wondering what our current customer has to say about NodeGraph? Explore why French omnichannel design company OSKAB uses NodeGraph, or why University of St Andrews can’t live without it. Or read about how Mercy ships have been using NodeGraph to see the impact and implications of various changes in their data models.

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